A downloadable game for macOS

By William McGonagle


With WSG, you can fight your friends in online and offline skirmishes. You can create your own class, or play as some of the pre-made classes. There are many different pre-made classes and weapons that have their own perks and disadvantages. One of these weapons, is the grenade. Grenades allow you to flush your enemies out of hidden areas and finish them off. This can lead to a great advantage on the battlefield but also a disadvantage because of the low fire rate. 

If you have any suggestions for the game, or any class ideas, you can email be here. To email class ideas, what you can do is send me the files for the class. They are stored inside of application if you are on a Mac. To access them, just right click on the application and click show package contents. Navigate to the 'playerClasses' folder and open it. Just send whatever class you'd like to me.

Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/nbkl0pzG/wsg


Player 1

Jump = W

Left = A

Right = D

Special = S

Switch Weapon = Q

Fire = E

Player 2

Jump = Up Arrow

Left = Left Arrow

Right = Right Arrow

Special = Down Arrow

Switch Weapon = Period

Fire = Comma



The forest map was created to test the vertical fighting that is very prominent in WSG. This vertical combat is highlighted in the map by the many building and the secret passage ways. The grenades add an extra bit of challenge to the map because it helps limit the advantage of being able to hide behind walls and structures. 


Created by an anonymous author to display the capitalistic methodology of today's world. The message, "SUE'S" in the middle of the screen, displays how the author is done with the blandness in today's societies. This blandness is further displayed in how empty the level is, furthering the idea of how empty today's society is. 



This is the first update of the game, with this update, there is 2 player local multiplayer and class creation. Players can create their own weapons or classes and fight against their friends. Player deaths are displayed on the screen, so that they can see who is winning a match. There are two maps that are in the game, FOREST and OLANDS (You can read more about each in the maps section).   


In update 0.2, specials are introduced. With the new special system, you can charge up a 'special bar'. Once this bar is fully charged, you can press the down arrow to activate your special. Depending on your class, results will very, but the specials introduced in this update are: Cloak, Speed Boost, Super Jump, Dash, Shield and Regeneration.


In update 0.3, new maps are added into the game and the ability to use online multiplayer is also added. With online multiplayer, you can play with friends even if they are not present with you. There are a few kinks to work out with the multiplayer system, like how the only classes available are the classes created by me (Sorry, it's to stop trolls). The only multiplayer mode in this update is Free for All mode, which allows up to 8 players to battle it out.  


In update 0.4, a few new maps will be added into the game, and LAN multiplayer will finally be added. With the addition of LAN multiplayer, there will also be an additional game mode, Team Deathmatch. In this new game mode, 8 players will be split into 4 different teams so that they can fight.